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Feb 26, 2022 · FOR SALE : Experimental ... AutoGyro_POH_Cavalon 915iS Revision 1.1 - Issue Date 14.AUG.2019 Pre-pages 4 REVISION LOG Rev. Inserted by Date Signature 1.0 AutoGyro GmbH 08.MAY.2019. Are you curious how much would cost you to own the VL3 Aircraft? (also known as JMB VL3, VL3 Evolution, Aveko VL-3). ROTAX engines allow pilots to spend more time in the air. My Account; Log In; Wishlist; My Cart; Check Out; Top Search: 912-914 INTAKE MANIFOLD, 912-914 propeller, Oil, screw, SPARK PLUGS AND ACCESSORIES, tool, TOOLS; ... Hangar Sale Flyer :.

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